Craft Studio

Also known as my happy place, this is where all of the crafty magic takes place.  This space continues to go through transformations to meet my needs.  However, the bright and cheery colors are here to stay.
The back wall is painted in Behr Radicchio which is definitely bold and busy.  It was the inspiration for the other pops of color against the black IKEA furniture.  The other 3 walls are a neutral palette to offset the magenta color.
I have all kinds of storage in my craft space so that everything can be kept in its place.  I personally like the clutter to be hidden so all of the different containers work well for me.  I also love having 2 desks so I can scrapbook on one using my Scrap 'n Easel and use the second desk for other crafts.  I'm known for starting multiple projects at one time so this set up makes it possible to multi-task.
Although I have often contemplated moving the chair out of my craft room in exchange for additional storage, I enjoy sitting in it while I blog, catch up on a show or browse Pinterest.  It's a great hideaway and who wouldn't love being surrounded by all of those pretty supplies.  I often find myself sitting in my chair sifting through my paper stacks in search of the perfect papers for upcoming projects.
The desk top (discontinued from IKEA) is a gorgeous patterned glass sitting on 2 IKEA shelves.  I love the pretty glass, however, it is usually covered in crafty supplies and only seen occasionally when I thoroughly clean my room.  The media shelves are the perfect size for holding my 6x6 paper pads and smaller storage containers.
The tv is a nice addition to my craft room.  I enjoy having some type of background noise while I craft. This room is always a work in progress however the general layout, furniture and colors have not changed.